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The Dead Dancing Warrior: Shigai Odori by GalaxyGuild


First of all, this image needs to be colored. You yourself said that he has dark greenish blue hair but everytime I look at a picture of him I see him having orange or blonde hair ( like Shikaig Iromu. )
His right thumb looks kind of off and it is strangely shaped, and his left arm is sort of curving in a impossible sort of way, and his right arm is too long. Neither one of his arms are the same length...
You still have got to improve on his figure, first of all he looks, er, like a girl, because of the way the arms are drawn, as well as his figure, there is a visible inward curve at the waist, as well as his hair, makes him look exactly like the female odori IMO.
You could do better, I hope you can use this to improve on your future artworks. :iconjarateplz:
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GalaxyGuild Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the critique. I guess looking at it now, things could have been drawn better, but I have to remind you that the picture was made ages ago, like probably early this year. I have improved alot since then though (I think...), but with coloring, I usually don't color my drawings because I don't want to mess it up if I color wrongly. If he looks girly, it is probably because he is supposed to be thin (really thin and kinda tallish).

But thanks for the critique once again :iconyoshikarapefaceplz:
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